Will Buy Breakfast and Lunch for all 40 Children for a Whole School Year


Provide Stationary and exercise Books to All 40 Children in AID Program


Buy Food for 1 Month, Essential For Breakfasts and Hot Nutritious Lunches Each Weekday.


Provide 5 Children with all the Stationary and Exercise Books They Need


Sponsor a child. Set your monthly donation to sponsor a child


Ways to give:

  • Give from your time
  • Tell us what you do, and we will let you know how you can help AID
  • Create a fundraising page for AID
  • Share AID on your FB, tweeter, Instagram and help get a child sponsored

Donate for a medical case

We have medical cases, of children and parents, with health conditions. These cases need financial assistance. If you would like to donate to one of these cases please email us, and we will send you the most urgent case in our list for you to cover its need.


Mr. Luke, USA


I sponsor Arnold case. In the beginning, AID sent me all the information about Arnold and his condition. Arnold is an orphan and has disabilities. His mom died recently from HIV+ve.  He cannot go to regular school because of his disabilities. He cannot see, hear, and hardly walk. Arnold lives with his Aunt, who takes care of him. I send to Arnold on monthly basis money to cover his medical expenses and the private school expenses. When AID sends me a report about Arnold: his doctor visit, his progress, I feel so happy. Arnold cannot see me or hear me, but for me, he is my joy.