Sponsor AID student

Photos taken at Julie Hope School, Kibera.
Photos taken at Julie Hope School, Kibera.
  • Invest your money in the lives of vulnerable, HIV+ve children.


    • AID children live in the slum areas of Africa and are mostly infected or affected by HIV+ve. Some of them lost one or both parents because of HIV+ve, and currently, they live with the remaining of their family. AID provides a school, healthy meals, and a lot of care to these children from our school teachers.
    • Through the monthly recurring donation, and regular e-correspondence, sponsor capitalizes in the lives of AID children, and aid to provide a life-changing opportunity to each and every vulnerable child in AID program.

Through sponsorship, AID vulnerable children have the privilege to be released from extreme poverty and be exposed to brighter future opportunities:

  • education

  • trained teachers

  • Nutritional supplements

  • recreational activities

  • Safe environment

Why sponsor an AID child?


  • When you sponsor an AID child in need, you build a special relationship that lifts your child from his HIV+ve stigma. Your financial support helps pursue and sustain the well-being of AID vulnerable children.

How to sponsor an AID child?

  • Pick a child from our website, and send us an email with the child name. Choose a child whose story resonates with you. Or send us your preference for your sponsored child: Gender, and age.

What happens after I choose my child?

  • After we receive your email with your sponsorship request, our team will send you an email with the child’s bio, and some pictures of him/her with his/her family.
  • Along with the child bio, we attach a sample introduction letter. We ask you to fill the introduction letter and email it back to us, in order to submit to your sponsored child in Africa.
  • After a short time, you receive an email with a letter from your sponsored child.
  • Yearly you should expect a report from our team in the slums. The report will feed you with all the progress of your sponsored child during the year.

What happens with my monthly donation for my sponsored child?

  • As a sponsor, you’re connected with one specific child from our programs. But sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits, except for monetary gifts you wish to send to your sponsored child on different occasions

( Christmas, New Year, Child birthday…). Your monthly donation is pooled with other sponsors for maximum impact that benefit your child and other vulnerable children in AID and fund:

  • School books

  • School supplies

  • Student school uniform

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Student activities

  • Team salary

  • Cook salary

  • System running

Do others sponsor the same child?

  • Each child is connected with only one sponsor. You get to know your sponsored child through letters, emails, photos, progress reports, and visits.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

  • your ongoing sponsorship commitment remains until the child graduates from our educational program or leaves the school for any other reason. If you wish to stop your sponsorship at any time, you can send us an email and we will follow your instructions.

What your sponsored child gets?

  • Regular monitoring of their educational progress and well-being by their teacher
  • A safe educational community
  • Activities such as children’s clubs, picnics, and community celebrations
  • Any encouraging cards, letters, photos, or packages that you send

What you get when you sponsor a child?

  • An email with a child’s information

  • Your first e-letter from your child (within about 12 weeks)

  • Yearly child photo and updates

  • Annual progress reports

  • send extra gifts

  • Visit your sponsored child